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Organization Resources

Fundraising, marketing, event planning, volunteer sourcing -- oh my! 


Running an organization involves a lot of moving pieces. Cincinnati Cancer Consortium exists to provide member organizations, large and small, with the tools they need to connect with donors and patients to better serve the community. 

Visit our membership page to join for free and receive updates!  

Video Production

Cincinnati Cancer Advisors has a fully functional studio in office that they use for video productions. CCA can make this available to consortium members for a nominal charge, which would mostly be a product of the video editor's time.

Office space for small meetings

Cincinnati Cancer Foundation has office space currently sitting idle until August 2023 after moving to a new building. This is a nice space that could be made available for small meetings, especially for small organizations that may not have their own office space.

Pomme Communications

Able to assist with Public Relations, Media Relations, and Event Management/Planning.

Meeting space at Fueled Collective or Graydon Law Firm at Scripps or in OTR

Karen Wellington Foundation has multiple meeting spaces that can be used.

Cancer Family Care support

Cancer Family Care can provide assitance with meeting space, laminator, brochure racks in lobbies, and strategic planning and/or trainings.

Office space in Blue Ash

Cancer Support Community opens their office in Blue ash to other cancer related organizations to host meetings or programming (if it is not being used).

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